Our sincerest thank you's to our interviewees who took the time and effort with us to have their stories told. Thank you for allowing us the priveledge of being invited into your lives, for sharing with us a glimpse of the past, the present, and the future. We would also like to thank those that were able to help us with information about mining towns and the flavour of the times who have not had their stories published.

We would like to sincerely thank those who shared their photos andmemorbilia with us.

Of the many books that have been written on the history of mining on Vancouver Island, here are a few of our favourites:

A West Coast Community Zeballos, B.C. Davis, Mason
A Friendly Port, A History of Union Bay, 1880-1960 Glover-Geidt, Janette, 1934-
Boss Whistle: The coal miners of Vancouver Island remember Bowen, Lynne, 1940-
Coal Dust in My Blood: The Autobiography of a Coal Miner Johnstone, Bill, 1908-
Ghost towns & mining camps of Vancouver Island Paterson, T.W.(Thomas William), 1943-
The Coal Tyee Society Presents Three Dollar Dreams Bowen, Lynne, 1940-
The Story of Island Copper Aspinall, Craig, 1938-

BC Museum of Mining http://www.bcmuseumofmining.org
Lucky Jim (Granite Bay) http://collections.ic.gc.ca/momentintime
Ministry of Energy and Mines http://www.em.gov.bc.ca/Mining
Museum at Campbell River http://www.crmuseum.ca/
Nanaimo Archives http://aabc.bc.ca/aabc/nanaimo
Nanaimo Museum http://www.nanaimomuseum.ca
Service Canada http://servicecanada.gc.ca
The Cumberland Museum and Archives http://www.cumberlandmuseum.ca
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